Best AIWA LIB-902 or JVC BN-R3610 Lithium battery modern replacement adapter

Summary I have design yet another version of an adapter to use modern batteries in place of AIWA LIB-902 or JVC BN-R3610 3.7 V Lithium battery for vintage MD walkmans as JVC XM-R70 No commercial use allowed, no selling printed model allowed and no derivative of any kind allowed
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Sony MZ-HF700 HiMD

Cleaning and Repairing Sony MZ-HF700 HiMD walkman

I got this Sony MZ-HF700 HiMD hoping it will be in a good shape ! Turned out it need a lot of work and was on a brink of death ! I hope I can bring it back to life and cleanup this horrible battery corrosion ! Specs Name MZ-NH700 / MZ-NHF800 Manufacturer Sony Released 2004/04
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Sony MZ-E720 MiniDisc Player

Repairing MiniDisc player Sony MZ-E720

Getting into MiniDisc media. Scored this nicely looking MZ-E720 MiniDisc player from Sony with some issues. Please check my video to see what is going on! Specs Name MZ-E720 Manufacturer Sony Released 2003/09 Device type portable Recorder Player MDLP Yes NetMD No Hi-MD No Radio
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