First cut on 3D Printer laser cutter

First cut on 3D Printer laser cutter addon with 405nm TTL controlled Laser module

Burn baby burn…at this time it is not about RB extruder!

I’m happy to share initial prototype of RigidBot laser cutter, utilizing 2nd extruder place and parts. This is really early prototype, but it frigging works and I’m so excited that I decided to share 🙂

So we run 405nm laser at 350mA, laser can go upto 500mA, but with proper heatsink. All this crap mounted on custom designed stand and laser clamp. Laser driver support TTL modulation for which I decided to reuse Fan1 signal. But it required conversion hence so many wires and prototype converter solder on piece of cardboard.

Laser driver is not really good for this scenario, I had to slap on it pretty ugly heat pipe laptop heatsink, otherwise it overheat despite it capable for 3A… I have other driver in mind.

Well it cuts paper pretty good, did not try anything else.

Also here is some video with more explanation:

LASER SAFETY WARNING: Please use correct safety glasses to protect your eyes, I also recommend spend some good buck on certified glasses, not some cheapo stuff from who where… My glasses are from – and they work very well.

Image of the contraption:

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