Progress update on Laser Cutter 3D Printer addon

Progress update on Laser Cutter 3D Printer addon: 750mA and new mount.

As I promised earlier here is update on project I call “Burn baby burn”

This is updated contraption lets call it LazerBot V0.4 which can be installed instead of 2nd extruder. Can be handy for those fortunate people like me with busted 2nd extruder out-of-the-box 🙂

This mount version is not final (hence 0.4) as well as hardware, but progress is pretty solid.
Adding fan and heatsinks for Laser and Driver allow me to bump power to 750mA on laser, which I believe will output about 1.1W of light energy.

Some specs:
Laser: 405nm Blueray laser ( comes from bluerray writer ) works at 750mA but with reservations ( I really pushing it )
Driver: 4A capable,  Flexmod driver, with TTL modulation

Converts one of extruders into laser cutter/engraver just uses existing connection and provided voltages and signals.
Utilities existing extrude distribution PCB
Uses 24V without any conversions
Used TTL control signal from printer to modulate power of the laser from 0-100%
60mm fan design (Bigger coverage, low noise)
Controlled from Pronterface or any other printer app / uses g-codes.

Future works:
Develop PCB for TTL level converter ( that ugly shrink wrapped contraption with all elements mounted on piece of cardboard 😀 )
Improve mount
Test higher current on laser
Source more powerful laser, maybe 3W 445nm?
Develop or source move efficient laser driver ( less heat – smaller fan )

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