Silicon Labs Sensor Puck

When puck is much smarter then you may think… Sensor Puck !

Lets look at development module featuring environmental and biometric sensors with Bluetooth 4 LE from Silicon Labs.

Silicon Labs released their Development module to feature biometric sensor SI1147, it conveniently packaged with powerful low energy MCU EFM32, Bluetooth 4LE and Temperature/Humidity sensors (  Environmental ).  Bluetooth LE gives us a convenience of easy of connecting it to the modern smartphone, iOS and Android software provided by Silicon Labs.

Technical Details:

  • Si1147 – Ultraviolet (UV) Index, Gesture, Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor IC – Documentation
  • Si7021 – 3% I2C Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor – Documentation
  • TS3310 – low power TS3310 boost switching regulator – Documentation
  • EFM32G – low power EFM32™ ARM® Cortex®-M based 32-bit MCUs – G210F128 – Documentation
  • Broadcom Bluetooth 4LE SoC BCM20732 – Documentation
  • 3V CR3220 battery

Preview Video:

High Resolution images of Sensor Puck :

Sensor Puck high resolution photo Front

Sensor Puck high resolution photo Front


Sensor Puck high resolution photo Back

Sensor Puck high resolution photo Back

The coolest device here is by far Si1147! It apparently can go gesture recognition, I will definitely look into it. Not sure how complicated gestures it can detect, from what I read on Silicon Labs website at very minimum it can do Left – Right, Up – Down, which is already pretty cool for such tiny device !


In general I really like this Sensor Puck will definitely install Silicon Labs software called Simplicity Studio and will play with sensor and see what can I do with the software, software seems to be a bit simplistic, not full features IDE, but I guess this is design as a Demo mostly.

Edit: Nope it contains full featured Elipse IDE ! Very good 🙂

Software can be downloaded here –



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