3D Printable enclosure for SensorTag2 WatchDev pack.

Want to build smart watch? I will show you how.

Created 3D Printable enclosure for SensorTag2 WatchDev pack, original silicone pocket was kinda looking lame 🙂

3D Files available here – http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:951915

You tube video with details about enclosure / case – 3D Printable Smart Watch enclosure for CC2650 SensorTag 2 Watch DevPack

Enclosure printed in ABS ( PLA will work as well )

Strap printed in PETG for durability.

Need 4 M2 screws.

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  1. scott Reply

    This is sweet!
    You should definitely share it on the 43oh SensorTag forum.

    • Misha Reply

      Thank you! Not familiar with 43oh, have to take a look where to post it.

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