3D Printing

RigidBot upgrades and improvements as of 2022

Lets bring our dated RigidBot from 2014 to modern standards 🙂 Feature video In depth photos .. in progress 3D printable parts Code Latest Marlin for RigidBot with BigRetech 1.3 board, TMC 2226 stepper drivers, Hemera, BLTouch and 20T pulleys –
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Bescor MP101 Bluetooth V2 with Payload

Bescor MP 101 smarthone controlled V2

Here we have it! After several years I’ve developed new version of Bluetooth ( BLE ) controller for very popular Bescor MP 101. Hardware Bescor MP 101 Adafruit ItsyBitsy nRF52840 7 Pin DIN header Some wires Source code Android App –
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Order 3D Print Here !

I can bring your ideas to life ! Now you can order straight from my 3D Hub ! It quite easy and ordering process is pretty simple. Just click the button below and follow the simple step by step process to place the order. Also I have best prices 🙂 Order a 3D Print
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Progress update on Laser Cutter 3D Printer addon

Progress update on Laser Cutter 3D Printer addon: 750mA and new mount. As I promised earlier here is update on project I call “Burn baby burn” This is updated contraption lets call it LazerBot V0.4 which can be installed instead of 2nd extruder. Can be handy for those
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First cut on 3D Printer laser cutter

First cut on 3D Printer laser cutter addon with 405nm TTL controlled Laser module Burn baby burn…at this time it is not about RB extruder! I’m happy to share initial prototype of RigidBot laser cutter, utilizing 2nd extruder place and parts. This is really early
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