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Universal Gas Detector

Household Gas Detector

Did you know that your Carbon Monoxide and Natural household gas detector has expiration date? No? Me either. So please check the date on your unit, otherwise one night it start beeping waking up you and your family ! And will be wondering around the house and looking for
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Mean Well LRS 350 24V Teardown

This is brief post to show how Mean Well LRS 350 24V looks inside. Technical specs are here:https://www.meanwell.com/Upload/PDF/LRS-350/LRS-350-SPEC.PDF Prices and availability are here:https://amzn.to/30ikjO2
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Incipio Smart Wall Switch

Here a bunch of high resolution photos of Incipio Smart Wall switch featured my youtube video: This Homesense based device featuring all-in-one solution from Phytre called WACIO-GP. It contains 2 major chips from Realtek: https://www.phytrex.com/file//20160105100958-u-i2-60.pdf
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WYZE Sense

Lets take a look what is WYZE Sense and take it apart to see what inside Many of you already know WYZE Camera. But If you don’t know much about it please read here – http://mobilemodding.info/wyze-cam-v2/ WYZE Sense is just logical extension of the monitoring function
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Sandisk Extreme Pro 64Gb microSD benchmark

Got upgraded version of memory for my camera – Sandisk Extreme Pro 64Gb microSD card. Lets check how it performs. One day I was shooting Fashion show and noticed when I use full speed burst mode my 6D will choke up like in 30 shots. That was not cool as I was missing some
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Sandisk Extreme 32Gb MicroSD Benchmark

We need to run Sandisk Extreme 32Gb MicroSD Benchmark to see how it performs and make conclusion if it is enough to handle UHD 4K 60fps recordings speeds. This SD card came as part of the bundle with GoPro Hero 7 Balack from Costco. Here is video about it Judging by the fact that
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Exploded view of all components

Hohem XG1 Teardown

What inside this little gimbal asking you? This time we dissembled Hohem XG1. To see what it consist of and what hardware components are inside. Also it was very important to understand quality of construction and manufacturing. Teardown and earlier unboxing videos Here is the
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What is inside that little cube called WYZE Cam V2? Few days ago I jumped on hype train and purchased WYZE Cam V2. This little Wireless security camera, which is very handy as baby or pet monitor and it cost only 19.99$ or 37$ CAD. ( I believe it is very unfair price in Canadian
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RCA Motion LED Light

Dissembled RCA Motion LED Light to see what is inside ! I cannot resist buy any ned and interesting LED based devices from Dollarama. I think you can find some pretty cool device for cheap. And I want to share this with you. This time I sourced RCA Motion LED Light fro Dollarama
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WD My Book 6TB benchmark

I faced the problem that for my ever growing library of photographs I need more space every year. I decided to purchase WD My Book 6TB from Costco. from the first look it seems to be ok hard drive and I decided to give a bit of test to see how it performs. Everything is tested
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