SanDisk Ultra 256 GB

SanDisc 256 Gb Ultra Benchmark

Got one for my smartphone to be able to copy all my SACD ISOs and listen to them on LG G7Thinq !Side note: LG G7Thinq is quite awesome as High Definition player ! Official Specs Model SDSQUNI-256G-CN6MA Applicaiton Ideal for premium Android™ based smartphones and tablets
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Crycial P1 CT1000P1SSD8

Crycial P1 NVME SSD 1TB with Startech PCIE Adapter

In order to accelerate my Video editing I decided to invest in NVME SSD. I have purchased Crucial P1 1TB 3D NAND NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD – CT1000P1SSD8. But turned out that my mother board doe not have M.2 connector so I had to invest in PCIe to M2 adapter. After quite a bit of
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Induction Cooktop Teardown

Component details on Salton Induction Cooktop from COSTCO: User Control MCU: ABOV A96T218GDNhttps://www.abov.co.kr/en/sub02/sub01_view.php?ca_id=A01020&it_id=171 Inverter Control MCU Holtek Semiconductorhttps://www.holtek.com/productdetail/-/vg/HT45F0057
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2TB portable hard drive from WD Review

Here is the quick look at one of the smaller conventional portable hard drive form WD. I decided to get one to see how modern conventional hard drives perform because they are not expensive these days. First check the video: Here are real numbers:
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Kiddle Smoke Alarm from COSTCO

Quick teardown on the inexpensive smoke alarm from COSTCO Close up images of the PCB
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Amazon Echo Show 5, Exploded

Amazon Echo Show 5

Could not resist temptation to check what inside Amazon Echo Show 5. To see what makes it chooch 🙂 Check detailed video of the disassembly: Check these high resolution images of the Amazon Echo Show 5
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Adafruit CLUE

Is not your ordinary micro:bit clone I was happy to snag an alpha version of Adafruit CLUE, straight from the hot baking sheet. When Adafruit Industries release limited batch of their new development board. I was really stoked to get this one as I really like BBC micro:bit and
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Sylvania Motion Sensor LED Light

Many wonders can be spotted in Dollarstore, one of the is Sylvania Motion Sensor LED Light Yet another Motion LED light incorporating PIR sensor technology. This time from decent brand Sylvania Check my latest video about tear down of Sylvania Motion Sensor LED Light I purchased
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What is inside that little cube called WYZE Cam V2? Few days ago I jumped on hype train and purchased WYZE Cam V2. This little Wireless security camera, which is very handy as baby or pet monitor and it cost only 19.99$ or 37$ CAD. ( I believe it is very unfair price in Canadian
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Mean Well power supply mod for RigidBot Big 3dPrinter

Project: Mean Well power supply mod for RigidBot Big 3dPrinter, 24V / 18A capable In this project I decided to replace original RigidBit Bot power subbly, AKA “RigidBrick” with Mean Well SE-450-24 power supply. RigidBrick is notorious for failing in very wrong moment,
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