Exploded view of all components

Hohem XG1 Teardown

What inside this little gimbal asking you? This time we dissembled Hohem XG1. To see what it consist of and what hardware components are inside. Also it was very important to understand quality of construction and manufacturing. Teardown and earlier unboxing videos Here is the
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What is inside that little cube called WYZE Cam V2? Few days ago I jumped on hype train and purchased WYZE Cam V2. This little Wireless security camera, which is very handy as baby or pet monitor and it cost only 19.99$ or 37$ CAD. ( I believe it is very unfair price in Canadian
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Mean Well power supply mod for RigidBot Big 3dPrinter

Project: Mean Well power supply mod for RigidBot Big 3dPrinter, 24V / 18A capable In this project I decided to replace original RigidBit Bot power subbly, AKA “RigidBrick” with Mean Well SE-450-24 power supply. RigidBrick is notorious for failing in very wrong
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Truth about Using Aluminum Body for Thermistor

There is truth about Using Aluminum body for Thermistor, after a week of successful run with my newly made Hex Thermistor for my RigidBot 3D Printer (Here is the article how to make one – http://mobilemodding.info/2014/12/diy-hex-thermistor-3d-printers/), I faced the
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