What is inside that little cube called WYZE Cam V2? Few days ago I jumped on hype train and purchased WYZE Cam V2. This little Wireless security camera, which is very handy as baby or pet monitor and it cost only 19.99$ or 37$ CAD. ( I believe it is very unfair price in Canadian
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Mean Well power supply mod for RigidBot Big 3dPrinter

Project: Mean Well power supply mod for RigidBot Big 3dPrinter, 24V / 18A capable In this project I decided to replace original RigidBit Bot power subbly, AKA “RigidBrick” with Mean Well SE-450-24 power supply. RigidBrick is notorious for failing in very wrong
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Truth about Using Aluminum Body for Thermistor

There is truth about Using Aluminum body for Thermistor, after a week of successful run with my newly made Hex Thermistor for my RigidBot 3D Printer (Here is the article how to make one – http://mobilemodding.info/2014/12/diy-hex-thermistor-3d-printers/), I faced the
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