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Samsung SSD 850 EVO 3D V-NAND 500GB on SATA3 Benchmark

Samsung SSD 850 EVO don’t think I can get any faster on SATA3 Today I received my long wanted Samsung EVO 850 3D V-NAND and decided to perform few benchmarks using one of my modern PC on SATA3 bus. Technical Specification: Samsung SSD 850 EVO Product Images Benchmarks
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BBC micro:bit review and specs

bbc micro:bit – size of a credit card, actually even smaller BBC has long history of developing cool things for computer education ! Back at the time, 35 years ago, they developed BBC Micro a small personal microcomputer for education ! And now they have it successor called
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Broadcom WICED Sense – Bluetooth Smart Sensor Tag

Yet another Sensor Tag – Bluetooth Smart Sensor Tag! Here is another Sensor packed Bluetooth Smart Sensor Tag evaluation/development kit from Broadcom ! Sensor Tag Technical Specifications: Includes multiple low-power MEMS sensors ( gyroscope – L3GD20
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Fluke DMM 8600A repair photos

Old school still looks good ! Set of High Resolution photos of Fluke 8600A, this was taken during tear down and repair. Fluke was successfully repaired, main problem was detached input, broken tab and contacts clean-up on ganged switches.   This is how I repaired broken case
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Particle Photon

Photon – a particle representing a quantum of light or other electromagnetic radiation. A photon carries energy proportional to the radiation frequency but has zero rest mass. Particle Photon is new dev kit from Particle, I just got it recently and want to compare it
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Western Digital My Book Essentials 3TB USB 3.0 speed test

In this article I will do Benchmark of Western Digital My Book Essentials 3TB on USB 3.0 interface. Finally I got the USB 3.0 controller. This is StarTech PEXUSB3S2E2I 2 External 2 internal USB 3.0 ports with SATA power, you can see official specs here –
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