Fuji Finepix S7000 teardown

This is story about my first digital camera and how it served me well until it died!

I have purchased this camera in 2004. I was quite feature packed for 2004. Featuring that fancy Fuji SuperCCD IV HR sensor with native 6.6 MP and extrapolated 12Mp ( Which was quite a bit crazy at the time )

Read more on this topic here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_CCD

Here are some basic specs:

SensorSuperCCD IV HR
Effective pixels6.3 million
Image sizes4048 x 3040 (12 MP)
2848 x 2136 (6 MP)
2016 x 1512 (3 MP)
1600 x 1200 (2 MP)
1280 x 960 (1 MP)
Image formatsJPEG (EXIF 2.2)
Sensitivity (auto)ISO 160 – 800
Sensitivity (manual)ISO 200, 400
ISO 800 (1 MP / 2 MP / 3 MP only)
Zoom controlButtons on rear
Focus/Zoom ring on lens barrel
Digital zoom3 MP: 2x
2 MP: 2.5x
1 MP: 3.2x
Auto focus driveContinuous AF
Single AF
Bulb shutter speedYes
AperturesF2.8 – F8.0 (10 steps)
Electronic viewfinder0.44″ 235,000 pixel LCD
LCD Monitor1.8″ 118,000 pixel TFT LCD
HistogramPlay mode
Record mode (live histogram)
Continuous3.3 fps, first 5 frames
2 fps, last 5 frames
1 fps, 40 frames *
* 1 MP / 2 MP / 3 MP only
Color modesStandard
B & W
Flash rangeWide: 0.3 – 8.5 m (11.8 in – 27.9 ft)
Tele: 0.9 – 7.9 m (3.0 ft – 32.2 ft)
USB interfaceUSB 2.0
External flashFlash hot-shoe
Remote controlScrew-in wired shutter release
Video outNTSC / PAL selectable
StorageSlot 1: xD-Picture Card
Slot 2: Compact Flash Type I/II
Supplied Fujifilm
FinePix Viewer
Image Mixer VCD2 for FinePix
RAW File Converter LE

As you see it had pretty good features, rivaling some of the SLR of the time, for example Canon Rebel. Also zoom was pretty good but obviously without any stabilization.

But one time I was climbing up the faterfall, and trying to take photos in same time. I lost my footing on slippery rocks and fell straight in the water. When I pulled myself out I realized that camera was on the shore but I was not happy for long – it was quite a bit smashed… so no water damage but lens and all camera front was smashed to bits.

Fuji Finepix s7000 teardown
Lenz assembly is tilted upwards jamming inside of the camera.
Fuji Finepix s7000 teardown
Smashed front element.
Fuji Finepix s7000 teardown

I was quite disappointed as this is the only camera I had at the time. But I was restless an inventive. I turned out to ebay in search for old or used or broken camera of same kind. And I was lucky! I managed to score camera with broken LCD. After fiddling for a while i managed to make one working camera from 2 broken ones !!!

Here is the insides of Fuji Fuji Finepix S7000:

Fuji Finepix s7000 teardown
Fuji Finepix s7000 teardown
Fuji Finepix s7000 teardown
Fuji Finepix s7000 teardown
Fuji Finepix s7000 teardown
Fuji Finepix s7000 teardown
Fuji Finepix s7000 teardown
Fuji Finepix s7000 teardown
Fuji Finepix s7000 teardown
This is what is what I turned my beloved Fuji F7000 into
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