Household Gas Detector

Did you know that your Carbon Monoxide and Natural household gas detector has expiration date? No? Me either. So please check the date on your unit, otherwise one night it start beeping waking up you and your family ! And will be wondering around the house and looking for crickets line me one night….

But Eventually I have found the culprit and because it expired I decided to take it to bits. Check my video, I hope you will find it interesting:

Here are some photos from the inside of the unit:

Universal Gas Detector
Universal Gas Detector main board back
Universal Gas Detector
Universal Household Gas Detector main board front

As you can see board is quite populated and conformally coated. Lets see what components are used inside and check their specs:

Gas SensorSB-95-11
FIS 1203-68
Main Micro controllerPIC 16F883
Piezo horn driverR&E International RE46C108
HJ 13395V voltage regulator?

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