Mean Well power supply mod for RigidBot Big 3dPrinter

Project: Mean Well power supply mod for RigidBot Big 3dPrinter, 24V / 18A capable

In this project I decided to replace original RigidBit Bot power subbly, AKA “RigidBrick” with Mean Well SE-450-24 power supply. RigidBrick is notorious for failing in very wrong moment, sometimes killing controller with it, mine still works, and I will keep it around as emergency backup or for some 24V experiments. Mean Well power supply is very decent, and donest const that much, also customer support in Mean Well exists and they are quick to respond.

Features added:

Enclosure with standard power socked, fuse and illuminated rocker switch,
24V silicone wire leads 24A rated with KeyCon connector ( swearing and cursing )
2 voltage sense wires ( to prevent voltage sinking during heavy load ) – current power supply has remote sensing capabilities.
Voltemeter, Ampermeter with shunt, cheapest one on >>ebay<<
USB Power supply x2 (5V, 2A capable) in previous life it was car phone charger, something like this >>ebay<<

STL files available on Thingiverse :

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