Google Home Mini closer look

We are looking under the skin of Google Home mini…


I featured Google Home mini in my unboxing and review video on youtube:

I was very excited to play more with the toy and I decided to disassemble it to understand better how it works and what is inside ! After a bit of figuring out I managed to open it up, check my teardown video here:

After these video I decided to take a closer look on Google Home mini brain. In result I figured out what is what on main board, with few exceptions.

Here are my discoveries:


Bottom part of the main board

On bottom part we have main SoC, Audio amplifier, power circuit, Flash Memory and 2 MEMS microphones


Top part of the main board

On top of the main board we have Marvels Wireless SoC ( WIFI, BT ), 512 MB of DDRL3 SDRAM, 4xLED and 2 unknown components.

Here is complete photo of all components


Close up of the switch and USB port board


List of main components:

TAS5720 – Audio amplifier from Texas Instruments. This is MONO power audio amplifier, at this point all dreams about having nice external audio from Google Home mini are shot. Data sheet is here:

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  1. Alex Reply

    Thanks a lot Misha, that was really useful and enjoyable.

    I was thinking to tear down mine for a curiosity purpose and to add a connection capability with external speaker.
    Most probably I will not do it in the current time.


    • Misha Reply

      You are welcome ! But external speaker will be mono! Are you ok with this ?

  2. Norm Reply

    Looks like the V17PA chip is located just underneath the TAS5720 audio amp. Threfore it could be acting as a DAC (Digital to Analog Convertor) to feed the amp with an analog signal.

    • Misha Reply

      Thank you, good to know, where can I find some specs on that V17PA ?

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