New SensorTag 2 from TI, description and close up photos.

New SensorTag 2 from TI is really great Bluetooth 4LE Devkit boasting  10 Sensors and low power MCU Today I got new toy from TI, it is CC2650STK SensorTag2 DevKit from Texas Instrument. I was looking long for a device whcih is BLE4 powered and has sensors on it, I
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DIY cheap PTFE hotend tube for 3D printer

This DIY PTFE hotend tube will be most of all useful for RigidBot / RigidBotBig extruders, but also will be useful for J-head hotend, Delta Rostock extruder and may be some others but this all I know. The idea is to use 2 PTFE tubes one inside another, first is ID 2mm
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DIY Hex Thermistor for 3D printers

For this DIY how to make hex thermistor for 3D printers you need: Hex spacer, any you can find (Do not use aluminum it might get fused with hot end, yes I my older version of this article I use to say aluminum but got problem with it recently) Thermo-resistor NTC type 100K
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Progress update on Laser Cutter 3D Printer addon

Progress update on Laser Cutter 3D Printer addon: 750mA and new mount. As I promised earlier here is update on project I call “Burn baby burn” This is updated contraption lets call it LazerBot V0.4 which can be installed instead of 2nd extruder. Can be handy for those
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First cut on 3D Printer laser cutter

First cut on 3D Printer laser cutter addon with 405nm TTL controlled Laser module Burn baby burn…at this time it is not about RB extruder! I’m happy to share initial prototype of RigidBot laser cutter, utilizing 2nd extruder place and parts. This is really early
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