DIY cheap PTFE hotend tube for 3D printer

This DIY PTFE hotend tube will be most of all useful for RigidBot / RigidBotBig extruders, but also will be useful for J-head hotend, Delta Rostock extruder and may be some others but this all I know. The idea is to use 2 PTFE tubes one inside another, first is ID 2mm and OD 4mm,
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DIY Hex Thermistor for 3D printers

For this DIY how to make hex thermistor for 3D printers you need: Hex spacer, any you can find (Do not use aluminum it might get fused with hot end, yes I my older version of this article I use to say aluminum but got problem with it recently) Thermo-resistor NTC type 100K
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